Display Process Chemicals


Display Process Chemicals

Making the Process Chemicals that Make Displays Work

DuPont is a leader in display process chemicals used to manufacture thin-film transistors (TFTs) that improve the image quality of liquid crystal displays (LCDs). These chemicals boost TFT performance and provide higher pixel resolution in 4k TVs and emerging 8k ultra-high definition (UHD) TVs.

Display process chemistries are essential for large monitors used in gaming, as well as high-performance tables requiring high resolution.

DuPont innovation optimizes TFT-LCDs

DuPont produced the world's first negative-type (n-type) organic passivation material in 2009 and have released new materials every year since.

Our functional organic passivation materials were developed specifically for very fast photo speed, wide process margins and ultraviolet (UV) resistance.

Our positive-type (p-type) organic passivation material enables customers, including those utilizing Generation 10.5 TFT-LCD fabs, to manufacture larger UHD TVs more efficiently and cost effectively by very fast photo speed.

DuPont strives to supply materials with faster sensitivity while maintaining a higher final film thickness and sufficient margins.

Chemicals available

  • Acrylic resin-based organic passivation
  • Silicon resin-based organic passivation (for OLED)
  • Low temperature-cured passivation
  • Black column spacer (BCS)
  • Black materials with low dielectric constant for bond over active (BOA) technology
  • Multi-domain vertical alignment (MVA) rib
  • g-line, i-line photoresists

Experience + customer focus = your trusted partner

DuPont is ahead of the curve in developing process chemicals for the LCD materials market, thanks to our know-how, mass production experience and abundant R&D resources. Our efforts to grow our LCD panel business in China, which has the world’s largest TFT panel capacity, align with our core strategy to stay in close contact with our customers, ensuring that we are always aware of and anticipating their needs.

If you make high-end LCD televisions, you need displays made with DuPont’s proven chemistries.

  • Display process chemicals are specialty materials used in advanced liquid crystal display (LCD) processes for premium high-resolution TVs.

  • As high-quality, larger TVs are becoming a major trend in the LCD TV market, organic passivation-layer materials enable higher resolution, higher sensitivity, and higher durability (i.e., resistance to heat and ultraviolet light). As a result, they have become critical to enabling more precise TFT performance, greater productivity and lower costs.

    Another market-driven material is black column spacer (BCS) technology. Utilized in the alignment layer, BCS is important for achieving performance improvements in the TFT array. This is achieved by implementing performance-enhancing color on array (COA) technology utilizing BCS.


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