Optical Encapsulants for LED


Optical Encapsulants for LED

Whether the goal is to optimize LED efficiency, reliability or cost of ownership, DuPont’s portfolio of high-performance optical-quality silicone encapsulants offers a full range of solutions for LED modules.

Offering optimized refractive index (RI) values and a versatile selection of viscosities and hardnesses, our portfolio of optical encapsulants expands design freedoms ideal for a variety of middle and high-power LED package types, including surface-mount, lens mold and chip-on-board architectures. Duroptix® optical encapsulants also expand processing options, from dispensing materials to enabling overmolded lens designs.

Improve efficiency
As the global leader in optical-quality phenyl silicones, we bring a decade of rigorous research and technology development backed by a rich patent portfolio. Our cutting-edge phenyl encapsulant materials offer refractive indices as high as 1.54 to enable LED designs that deliver up to 7 percent greater light output compared to those based on methyl chemistry. Achieving a comparable improvement from an LED chip would require significant investment.

Protect and seal for greater reliability 
Duroptix® optical encapsulants offer higher thermal stability compared to conventional organic LED encapsulation materials, enabling longer maintenance of light quality. In addition, our phenyl-based encapsulants offer a comparatively stronger gas barrier than methyl technology to minimize degradation of light output efficiency by protecting delicate silver-plated LED electrodes from sulfur attack. At the same time, our methyl-based materials offer slightly greater photothermal stability to minimize yellowing and performance degradation after long exposure to high heat and strong light.


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