Optically Reflective Silicone Materials for LED


Optically Reflective Silicone Materials for LED


The demand for brighter, more efficient LED light sources is challenging solid-state lighting designers to find innovative new reflective materials. The challenge is twofold: candidate reflective materials must help extract every possible lumen from the LED architecture, and they must withstand the increasing temperatures and lumen densities of today's high-brightness LED light sources.

Many are turning to DuPont and our expanding portfolio of optically reflective silicone materials. The remarkable thermal- and photo-stability of our reflective silicones introduces new possibilities for enhancing efficiency and quality of LED lighting.

LED packaging solutions

Improving reflectivity begins at the source - the LED die package. However, because packaging materials are located so close to the heat of the LED die, high thermal- and photo-stability is nearly as critical as high reflectivity.

Unlike conventional organic materials, our reflective silicones will not physically or optically degrade after prolonged exposure to high lumen density or temperatures reaching 200°C. As a result, they can help ensure excellent lumen maintenance over the expected lifetime of an LED package.


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