Pyralux® APR


Pyralux® APR copper clad resistor laminate

DuPont™ Pyralux® APR is an all polyimide double sided resistor laminate ideal for advanced applications in military, aerospace, automotive and consumer electronics markets, where reliable embedded resistor technology, temperature tolerance, and robust processing are required.

Pyralux® APR provides designers, fabricators, and assemblers a versatile option for a wide variety of circuit constructions.

This patented all polyimide composite is a double sided construction of polyimide film bonded to copper foil, and features Ticer Technologies’ TCR® thin film copper resistor foil as one or both of the clad foils.


  • World class resistive layer tolerance and electrical performance
  • Tight dielectric thickness tolerance
  • Embedded capacitance and resistance in a single laminate
  • Thin, rugged copper clad laminate with superior handling and processing
  • High copper polyimide resistor foil adhesion strength
  • Low coefficient of thermal expansion for flex and rigid multi-layer PCBs
  • Excellent thermal resistance


  • Resistivity values of 25, 50, and 100 ohms/sq; other resistivities available upon special request
  • Available in backside copper thicknesses of 18 and 35 microns ED; others available upon special request
  • Available in polyimide thicknesses of 0.5, 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0 mils; others available upon special request


  • UL 94V-0
  • UL maximum operating temperature (MOT) 180C
  • Compatible with printed wiring board industry processes, IPC 4204A/11 certified

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