Riston® DI6100M Dry Film Photoresist


Riston® DI6100M Dry Film Photoresist

Fine line direct imaging photoresist solution for HDI mSAP application


  • Excellent fine line adhesion and resolution for mSAP pitch 40µm design 
  • Superior conformation offering solutions to improve short related defect for high yield productivity 
  • Fast photo speed for high exposure process throughput
    (i-line and h-line multiple wavelength DI equipment) 

6µm adhesion x/x=1/3 

6µm resolution x/x=1/1 

Substrate: ED Cu, Ra=0.28µm
Exposure tool: IP-8 (offset=-3)
Exposure tablet: 15SST(IP-8)


  • Advanced dry film photoresist for HDI/SLP (Substrate-like PCB) process

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