Riston® DI9000 Series & DI8600 Dry Film Photoresist


Riston® DI9000 Series & DI8600 Dry Film Photoresist

The advanced dry film photoresist for fine line HDI 

Riston® DI9000 Series & DI8600 series are multi-wavelength DI dry film photoresist designed for pitch >= 70µm tent/etch process. It enables fine patterning with excellent yield.

Riston® dry film roadmap (HDI application)


Advantages (*DI9500M):

  • Fine line resolution and adhesion (15µm/15µm)
  • Excellent dimension stability to reach better line width Cpk
  • Excellent conformation for applying thin film to reach better yield and etching factor 
  • Low developing sludge and foaming for easy maintenance


  • The advanced dry film solution for HDI (inner layer to outer layer) tent/etch process

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