Riston® EtchMaster Dry Film Photoresist


Riston® EtchMaster Acid Etching Dry Film Photoresist

Fine line etching is becoming an ever increasing requirement in both innerlayer manufacture and chemical milling.

The DuPont™ Riston® EtchMaster film series is specifically designed as a acid etching film that delivers high yields in fine line applications. These resists provide excellent conformation using dry lamination and are compatible with the YieldMaster® 2000 Wet Lamination System. The EtchMaster series of films possess wide exposure, developing and stripping latitude.

Riston® EtchMaster Series includes:

  • Riston® EtchMaster 213 -  a high productivity acid etch film that has excellent flexibility and adhesion on many different metal surfaces, such as copper, stainless steel, steel and nickel/iron alloys, and aluminum.
  • Riston® EtchMaster 830 - a high productivity acid etch film for fine line innerlayers with lines/features down to 2 mils. 

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