Riston® FX Dry Film Photoresist


Riston® FX Series Dry Film Photoresist

Printed circuit board fabricators face increasing challenges to produce fine lines at high yields, while cost effectively handling harsh selective metallization processes.

DuPont has developed the Riston® FX Series of photoresists to help fabricators address these issues.

Riston® FX Series of photoresists include:

Riston® FX2000 Series Dry Film Photoresist 

Riston® FX2000 is the latest in the successful Riston® FX series of dry film photoresists. Riston® FX2000 is designed to produce the new, high resolution innerlayers demanded for the new leading edge printed circuit boards.

Riston® FX2000 benefits include:  

  • Wide exposure latitude
  • Excellent off-contact latitude
  • Excellent conformation, both in dry lamination and wet lamination compatible.
  • No sludge formulation

Riston® FX900 Series Dry Film Photoresist

Riston® FX900 is the superior film for fine-line printed circuit boards. This film offers the fabricator:

  • Superior resolution for precise imaging of complex high value circuit designs to to 10 µm 
  • Multifunctional capabilities - ideal for all fine line work, etching and plating 
  • Excellent conformation and adhesion 
  • Clean processing with patented sludge-free formulation technology 

Riston® FX250 Series Dry Film Photoresist

Riston® FX250 dry film photoresist is ideal for the most challenging new portable designs because it's tough enough to stand up to harsh selective metalization processes, such as electroless nickel immersion gold. 

Riston® Special FX Series Dry Film Photoresist

Riston® Special FX provides precision masking for complex, high value circuit designs and eliminates the inefficiencies of manual taping. You get excellent adhesion and conformation on a wide variety of surfaces and it strips quickly and easily after processing. This enables you to produce consistently reliable boards for more dependable portable devices at a faster rate and at lower cost.


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