Riston® PlateMaster Series Dry Film Photoresist


Fine Line Resolution on Panel Plate

The demands on printed circuit manufacturers are continually increasing as the market demands finer features.

DuPont™ Riston® PlateMaster was formulated to achieve consistently high yields by providing outstanding plated line uniformity, fine line resolution, and wide surface tolerance on direct metallization and panel plate. In addition to high yields, PlateMaster was designed to give the fabricator robust process latitude.

Riston® PlateMaster Series Includes:

Riston® PlateMaster PM300

Riston® PM300 is the next generation fine line copper/tin and copper/solder  plating film. Excellent resolution and wide processing latitude give the pwb fabricator the ability to produce the ever more demanding plated feaures for the designs of today and tomorrow.

Riston® PM300 benefits:

  • Fine  line capability
  • Excellent conformation
  • Easy stripping
  • No sludge formulation

Riston® PlateMaster PM200

Riston® PlateMaster PM200 is an industry proven film providing high yields and high productivity for plating of copper, tin and lead. Clean development and stripping on a wide variety of surfaces facilitates high yield.

Riston® PM200 is available worldwide in 40 micron, 50 micron, 75 micron thicknesses.


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