Riston® TentMaster Series Dry Film Photoresist


Dry Film Photoresist for Tent-and-Etch Applications

Portability is driving higher and higher technology in printed circuit board manufacture.

Tent-and-etch permits fabricators to manufacture this higher technology tent-and-etch product. DuPont™ Riston® TentMaster provides excellent tenting capability, outstanding conformation, excellent resolution and remarkable tolerance to off-contact exposure.

Features Include:

  • Negative working, aqueous processable dry film photoresist
  • Specially formulated for tent-and-etch applications
  • Fine line capability with wider processing latitude and reduced sensitivity to off-contact
  • Ideally suited for use on thin core laminate and flexible substrates
Riston® TentMaster Series Includes:

Riston® AP700 Series

  • Suitable for Tent & Etch application with acid etchants solutions
  • Vivid print out image after exposure for east inspection

Riston® FL100 series for T/E 

  • Higher photo speed for high productivity
  • Good Resolution & Adhesion
  • Fine Line  HDI  >70 um fine line application
  • Excellent tenting capability
  • Easy to Strip
  • Higher yield with wet lamination technology
  • Patented resist technology to eliminates developer sludge.
    Which carries high yield, lower operation cost and safety, healthy environment friendly

Let TentMaster help you for your tent-and-etch applications.


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