Surface Treatment for IC Leadframes


DuPont Electronic Solutions offers advanced surface treatment material to reduce silver immersion, minimize epoxy bleed, and to inhibit tin whisker growth.

Silverjet™ Pre-Dip AG201 Silver Anti-Immersion
Description: A sophisticated product provides protection against silver immersion onto copper and copper alloy surface.

Silverjet™ Post-Dip 90 Silver Anti-EBO
Description: A self adhering product that minimizes epoxy bleed problem associated with silver epoxy and die attach on spot plated silver deposits.

Cuprotec™ II Copper Anti-Tarnish
Description: Cuprotec™ II Copper Anti-Tarnish provides a temporary protective film on copper and copper substrates.

Solderguard™ 100 Post-treatment
Description: Solderguard™ 100 Post Treatment provides a temporary protective film on tin and tin-alloy surface for whisker minimization under HTH.


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