Temprion®AT Adhesive Thermal Tape


Conformable Adhesives Offering the Lowest Thermal Resistance

To achieve the lowest levels of thermal impedance, thermal interface materials often require high levels of mechanical pressure. DuPont™ Temprion® AT adhesive thermal tape breaks this trend by delivering grease-like wettability at low application pressures, providing users with the freedom to assemble their devices without introducing excess stress to the complex circuitry of their systems. 

This line of highly conformable pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes achieves low thermal impedance at only 20 psi of pressure to offer best-in-class thermal performance, easier package assembly, reduced device failure and higher system performance.


  • Highly conformable formulation provides grease-like wettability on substrates
  • Thermal conductivity of 0.7 W/m·K


  • Heat sink attachment for CPU and GPU
  • LED bonding applications
  • Assembly adhesive for flat panel display


  • Eliminates mechanical fasteners to facilitate package assembly
  • Nearly 30% more efficient thermal transfer than incumbent best-in-class tape

Efficient thermal transfer through Temprion® AT lowers the operating temperature of a TO-220 package when dissipating 15 W/cm2


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