Temprion® EIF – Electrically Insulating Film


Thermal Conduction and Electrical Insulation All in One Package

The superior level of performance delivered by DuPont™ Temprion® EIF electrically insulating films enables customers to confidently design thermal solutions for high-voltage applications with previously unmanageable levels of energy output. 

Temprion® EIF laminate films feature a core layer of superior performance Kapton® MT+ coated with either a highly conformable pressure-sensitive adhesive or a resilient high-bond-strength thermally curable adhesive to offer unrivaled heat transfer. 

In applications, Temprion® EIF has enhanced performance by over 30% and extended the lifetime of devices by over 50% in comparison to incumbent thermal solutions.


  • Polyimide core coated with thermally conductive adhesive
  • Grease-like wettability of adhesive to substrate


  • Heat sink attachment for IGBT and MOSFET transistors
  • Lithium-ion battery cell wrap
  • Dielectric separator for heaters


  • Up to 40% more efficient thermal transfer than incumbent best-in-class film
  • 50% increase in lithium-ion battery time to full discharge

Superior thermal transfer provides a remarkable decrease in the operating temperature of a TO-220 package dissipating 15 W/cm2


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