Temprion® OHS - Organic Heat Spreader


Heat Spreading from a 100% Polymer Solution

The 99.9% crystallinity of Temprion® OHS imbues a remarkably high thermal conductivity within the plane of the film, with no effect on thermal transfer through the film.  Such anisotropy in thermal performance enables applications as an organic heat spreader, while mitigating issues associated with traditional electrically conductive graphite-based heat spreaders.

Temprion® OHS is offered in uni-directional or cross-ply formats to optimize performance in your application and can be coated with a thermally conductive pressure-sensitive adhesive for easy attachment within your device.



  • In-plane thermal conductivity of 50 W/m·K
  • Through-plane thermal conductivity of 0.2 W/m·K
  • Resistivity of >1015 W·cm


  • Flat panel display backing
  • LIB cell pouch wrap
  • Antenna cover


  • No coverlay requirement to protect electronic components
  • Organic formulation does not shield EM signal

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