Dry Film Photoresists - WBR & WB Series


WBR and WB Series Dry Film Photoresists for Wafer Bumping

WBR and WB series films deliver excellent performance in both photo stencil and electroplating processes, and are available in a range of 50-120 microns thicknesses.

Advanced Packaging Product Benefits:

  • Higher yield and quality through uniform resist thickness across the entire wafer 
  • Higher productivity without need for drying or double coating; no edge bead removal 
  • Low waste generation with up to 73% yield polymer use 
  • Environmental benefits from reduced material wastage and a solvent free process

WBR2000 Series

WBR 2000 dry film photoresists are high resolution, multi-purpose films compatible with lead-free electroplating and stencil printing applications. These films are available in 50, 75, 100 and 120 micron thicknesses.

Product Features:

  • Negative working, aqueous, processable polymer film 
  • High aspect ratio resolution 
  • Suitable for in-via and mushroom electroplating bumping applications 
  • Suitable for copper pillar and other lead free applications 
  • High heat resistance for stencil printing bumping applications 

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