DuPont Highlights Circuit Materials Innovations at 2021 International Electronic Circuits (Shanghai) Exhibition

Press Release | July 7, 2021
Press Release
DuPont Highlights Circuit Materials Innovations at 2021 International Electronic Circuits (Shanghai) Exhibition

SHANGHAI, China, July 7, 2021 – As the leading sustainable materials solution partner for advanced interconnects, DuPont Interconnect Solutions (ICS) will showcase a broad portfolio of innovative circuit materials in Booth #8C36 at 2021 at the International Electronic Circuits (Shanghai) Exhibition in Shanghai National Exhibition and Convention Center.

“We are proud to introduce at CPCA a broad portfolio of products and solutions that help solve our customers’ critical interconnect challenges,” said Jason Yin, China commercial general manager, DuPont Interconnect Solutions, “From the Mars Rover to the most advanced smart devices, our solutions lead to sustainable, large-scale, world-changing discovery for conquering the next frontier. DuPont has helped make the global promise of 5G a reality. We look forward to working with industry partners to tackle tomorrow’s toughest challenges together.”

According to Prismark, the increasing demand for printed circuit boards (PCBs) in the communications industry, growth in connected devices, and the advancements in automotive electronics are driving growth of the devices. Emerging trends include miniaturization of PCBs, as well as growing demand for high-speed data and signal transmission. With consumer electronics continuing to be smaller, thinner, and more multifunctional, flexible PCB and low-loss materials will continue to grow.

DuPont Interconnect Solutions is well positioned to address the megatrends and presents a broad product portfolio designed for fine-line applications, including High-Density Interconnect (HDI), Substrate-like PCB (SLP), and IC Substrate segments. Our innovative solutions on display at the show enable miniaturized devices and improve the functionality of electronic components while enhancing high reliability and productivity. These qualities are particularly suited to various application needs for consumer electronics, telecom, and automotive segments. 

Renowned for excellent performance, consistent quality, and industry expertise, DuPont features metallization and circuit imaging technologies that include the latest imaging photoresist products, ionic palladium catalyst products for horizontal electroless copper systems, and next-generation via filling electrolytic copper solutions.

Riston® DI95 Dry Film— Multi-wavelength DI dry film photoresist is designed for pitch 70μm HDI tent/etch process. It enables fine patterning with excellent yields.

Circuposit™ 6000 Electroless Copper — New electroless copper system with ionic Pd designed for HDI application. Provides excellent performance on coverage, reliability, and stability, Circuposit™ 6000 supports the growth of fine line technology trends.

Microfill™ LVF-VI Acid Plating Copper — New generation pattern plating solution designed for good pattern distribution of fine line SLP application.

In addition, DuPont low-loss total solutions are designed to meet the need for higher frequency and higher speed applications for data transfer in the 5G era. Pyralux® Flexible Copper Clad Laminates (FCCLs) can help save space by reducing thickness and weight, allowing more design freedom with unrestricted inspiration.

Pyralux® TFH/TFHS — A flexible double-sided/single-sided copper-clad laminate featuring an adhesive-less, all-polyimide dielectric layer and a rolled annealed copper foil optimized for minimal insertion loss. This material exhibits excellent low-loss performance, enabling remarkable signal integrity in high-speed digital and high-frequency circuit applications.

Pyralux® GFL Sheet Adhesive — A proprietary B-staged modified polymer adhesive which demonstrates low-loss characteristics for high performance applications, while retaining excellent mechanical resilience to facilitate high-yield circuit fabrication. Pyralux® GFL is primarily utilized to bond flexible inner layers or rigid cap layers in flexible and rigid-flex constructions.

Interra™HK 04J is a thin laminate with a polyimide dielectric designed to function as a power and ground plane in printed wiring boards (PWBs). It is ideal for applications such as embedded capacitance technology for PWB or semiconductor packaging, and high-speed digital applications for reduced impedance.

Recently, DuPont successfully completed the acquisition of Laird Performance Materials, a world leader in high-performance electromagnetic shielding and thermal management solutions. Laird Performance Materials has been added as a third line of business in Interconnect Solutions (ICS). The combined ICS organization will advance our leadership in accelerating the adoption of high-performance computing, artificial intelligence, 5G telecommunications, smart/autonomous vehicles, and the internet of things. It also expands our product and solution portfolio across the electronics value chain and builds our expertise in key technologies critical to enabling the next generation of electronic devices and infrastructure.

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DuPont Interconnect Solutions showcased innovative circuit materials in its booth. DuPont solutions enable miniaturized devices and improve the functionality of electronic components.


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