DuPont Showcases Innovative Advanced Circuit Materials at Intelligent Asia 2024 

Press Release | February,28, 2024
Press Release
DuPont Showcases Innovative Advanced Circuit Materials at Intelligent Asia 2024

BANGKOK, Thailand, Feb. 28, 2024 – DuPont will present an extensive range of advanced circuit materials and solutions at Intelligent Asia Thailand 2024. With an extensive portfolio in signal integrity, power transmission and thermal management, DuPont will exhibit in Booth #N309 at EH 100, Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre (BITEC) from February 29 to March 2.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing the electronics industry. DuPont is a one-stop powerhouse for AI-enabling solutions, offering a wide range of material, chemistry and process solutions for advanced circuit and packaging applications. DuPont’s scientists and engineers are committed to delivering greater value to customers and advancing heterogeneous integration for AI and High-Performance Computing (HPC). 

"I am thrilled about DuPont’s integrated capabilities to enhance our leadership position in advanced packaging and printed circuit board (PCB) industry,” said Yuanyuan Zhou, global business director, DuPont. "Our cutting-edge solutions in metallization, photoresist and dielectrics provide us a distinct advantage in meeting the ever-increasing demand for miniaturization, high-speed performance, and advanced functionality in the electronics industry. We’re equipped to help PCB manufacturers in Southeast Asia to stay competitive in this rapidly evolving market."

With the PCB industry's growing investment in Southeast Asia, DuPont's global reach and strategic partnership with customers support their efforts to expand operations worldwide. DuPont’s advanced packaging, IC substrate and PCB solutions help address challenges across various segments, including AI, HPC, consumer electronics, and high-reliability applications such as automotive and telecom. 

PCBs with fine line patterns are mission critical for modern automotive and consumer electronics, enabling the integration of complex circuits into smaller spaces. To ensure reliable function, automotive manufacturers are increasingly adopting high-density interconnection (HDI) designs, which are better suited for densely-packed circuit design. Through offering advanced materials and chemistry for flex, rigid-flex, and rigid PCBs, DuPont total solutions for the PCB market enhance efficiency and elevate performance levels. 

Along with the rapid evolution of AI, 5G, Internet of Things, and autonomous driving technologies, PCB industry faces an increasing challenge of minimizing insertion loss and maintaining signal integrity for high-speed and high-frequency signal transmission applications. Ensuring reliable performance of electronic devices requires critical PCB signal integrity and thermal management. DuPont’s comprehensive solutions are designed to address these challenges by enabling low-loss and signal integrity.

At the show, DuPont experts will be available at the company's booth to share their extensive knowledge and expertise on technology advancements and industry trends. Visitors can explore DuPont total solutions for the PCB market. Product offerings include: 

DuPont™ Copper Gleam™ PPR-II/III pulse acid plating copper is a new generation electroplating solution designed for advanced MLB, high-layer count boards, and AI server station applications. The solution has superior throwing power for through-hole plating, with better plated thickness distribution on surface to fulfill fine-line and high reliability requirements. 

DuPont™ Circuposit™ 6800W electroless copper plus Copper Gleam™ PS-100 flash copper are designed for enhanced reliability performance in multi-stack micro-via designs, replacing conventional electroless copper processes. The combination of a horizontal electroless copper process with a flash electroplating step creates a more efficient single process solution.

DuPont™ Riston® DI9500M & DI8600 and FD3000M dry film photoresist are multi-wavelength DI solutions designed for use in pitch greater than or equal to 70μm tech/etch processes for rigid and flex PCBs. These dry film photoresists provide fine-line capability with excellent resolution and adhesion performance, improving overall yield for manufacturers. 

DuPont™ Microfill™ EVF-III acid copper is a new generation via-filling technology designed for fine-line HDI applications. The solution is highly effective for panel via filling, providing excellent throwing power for improved through-hole performance. 

DuPont™ Pyralux® AP flexible copper-clad laminate is a versatile, double-sided laminate that features an all-polyimide dielectric and DuPont's unique manufacturing process. This laminate offers exceptional reliability and reduced transmission loss. With its tailored combination of properties, it fulfills customers' requirements for high reliability and high-speed, high-frequency signal transmission. 

DuPont™ Interra® HK04J embedded capacitance laminate is a thin, buried capacitance laminate that serves as a power and ground plane in high-speed signal transmission PCBs to improve power integrity. It excels in power bus decoupling, EMI reduction, and power plane impedance reduction at high-speed signal transmission. 

Laird™ Tlam™ thermally conductive PCB system is a thermally conductive insulated metal PCB substrate system designed for efficient heat dissipation in electronic circuit boards. This system is suitable for a wide range of applications, including power supplies, DC-DC converters, LEDs and ballast lighting, automotive, appliances, and commercial and industrial motor drives, as well as military and aerospace applications.


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