DuPont Introduces SOLDERON™ BP TS 7000 Chemistry as Newest Addition to the Tin-Silver Plating Bath Family

Press Release | May, 30 2023
Press Release
DuPont Introduces SOLDERON™ BP TS 7000 Chemistry as Newest Addition to the Tin-Silver Plating Bath Family

Newly redesigned lead-free formulation delivers industry-leading plating rates, enhanced plating performance, bath stability and greater process flexibility for advanced packaging applications

WILMINGTON, Del., May 30, 2023 – DuPont Electronics & Industrial today introduced DuPont™ SOLDERON™ BP TS 7000, the latest innovation in tin-silver plating chemistry, at the IEEE Electronic Components and Technology Conference (ECTC) in Orlando, Florida

The industry trend toward smaller and more powerful semiconductor chips continues to propel revolutionary changes in packaging applications including 2.5D and 3D chip packages. To enable tighter interconnections and higher circuit density for microbump applications, it is important to achieve controlled plating uniformity, smoother surface morphology and void-free interface during the solder-plating process.

DuPont™ SOLDERON™ BP TS 7000 Tin-Silver Plating Chemistry is a high-performance tin-silver solder that is optimized for today’s microbump solder-plating applications. Leveraging DuPont’s in-depth experience in electroplating chemistries for wafer-bumping applications, this new lead-free plating bath improves bump coplanarity by more than 20%, while delivering tighter silver percentage control and reliable joints for microbump and C4 (controlled-collapse chip connection) applications. Another key technical highlight for this product is its excellent bump coplanarity in challenging mixed critical dimension features within the same die which directly impacts the assembly process and reliability. 

In addition, the optimized additive system reduces precipitation risks and improves the stability of the complexer components and bath stability to extend the bath life. This chemistry has proven to maintain excellent void-free performance and mechanical integrity over multiple reflows and repeated thermal stresses. With a single formulation, SOLDERON™ BP TS 7000 is robust enough for a wide variety of bump sizes and shapes including C4 bumps which range from 200μm to 75μm in diameter to copper pillar capping ranging from 100μm to 10μm in diameter. This eliminates the need to change the plating bath for microbump and C4 plating that serves broad end-use applications, including High Bandwidth Memory (HBM).

“Solder bump plating is a key process step in advanced packaging,” said Shashi Gupta, global marketing director, Advanced Packaging Technologies, DuPont Electronics & Industrial. “DuPont has been working with leading-edge semiconductor manufacturers to continue expanding our capabilities and portfolio to meet the ever-changing requirements of this key process. With its excellent plating performance and efficiency, we are excited that SOLDERON™ BP TS 7000 will set a new benchmark for tin/silver solder-plating applications.”

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