Anti-Reflectants & Functional Sublayers

AR™ 254 Thermally Cross Linking Bottom Anti-Reflectant


AR™ 254 Thermally Cross Linking Bottom Anti-Reflectant

AR™ 254 is an organic, thermally cross-linking bottom anti-reflectant for 248 nm (KrF) photoresist. It has excellent gap filling and planarizing properties that are key requirements for advanced semiconductor devices having FinFET structures. AR™ 254 has a high etch rate to reduce substrate damage and optimal optical parameters to minimize reflectance.


  • Good gap fill property at extremely narrow trench
  • Excellent planarizing property to minimize thickness gap on various pattern density
  • High etch rate to minimize etch bias and substrate damage
  • Optimal n & k values


  • Excellent resist CD and profile control on topography
  • Reduces substrate damage due to high etch rate
  • Increases process margin

Figure 1: Excellent Gap Fill at 10 nm Trench



Etch Rate 



KrF resist


Conventional KrF BARC


AR™ 254


      Figure 2: Fast Etch Rate

Focus offset


+0.05um Best focus


Image Component
Image Component

Figure 3: Excellent Resist Profile on AR™ 254