Circubond™ 2200 Plus Innerlayer Bonding Process


Circuposit™ 2200 Plus is designed for both horizontal and vertical processing of innerlayers.Circubond™ 140 cleaner is a low-foaming alkaline-spray cleaner, designed for use prior to treatment with Circubond™ etchant. Circubond™ Pre-Dip 2217 solution is designed to provide a surface compatible with the Circubond™ Treatment 2218 etch bath. The solution also protects the Circubond™ Treatment 2218 etch bath from drag-in of contaminants. Circubond™ Treatment 2218 etch is peroxide-sulfuric-based and formulated to produce a uniform, highly-textured and passivated surface coating on copper innerlayers.

Key Benefits:

  • Excellent peel strength on wide variety of substrates
  • Thorough removal of oils, light oxides and resist residues
  • Minimal attack on copper surfaces
  • Uniform, water-break free surface
  • Easy yet complete analytical control
  • Long bath life
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