Circuposit™ 3000-1 Electroless Copper


Circuposit™ 3000-1 Electroless Copper is a unique, patented process that is widely used by leading PCB fabricators throughout the world. This novel self-accelerating electroless copper eliminates the need for a separate accelerator step, saving space and improving quality and control. The 3350-1 electroless copper bath is formulated to provide improved physical properties and produce exceptionally fine-grain, low-stress deposits, which yield enhanced hole-wall coverage and excellent adhesion even on the most demanding high-performance substrates.

Key Benefits:

  • Exceptional Interconnect Reliability
  • Horizontal or vertical application
  • Excellent bath stability and performance
  • Reduced bath maintenance
  • Reduction in solution volume growth
  • Low-build or high-build deposition

             Optimum grain structure to improve reliability and performance


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