Multi Layered Boards

Circuposit™ LC-9100 Electroless Copper


Circuposit™ LC-9100 Electroless Copper is an integral part of the Circuposit™ PTH Low-build Electroless Copper Process, DuPont’s Electronic Solutions' unique, patented process that defines a new standard for low-build through-hole plating.

This novel self-accelerating electroless copper eliminates the need for a separate accelerator step, saving space, increasing process speed, and improving reliability and quality.

Circuposit™ LC-9100 Electroless Copper offers ease of process control operation; low cost and built- in process flexibility available to the marketplace.


  1. Excellent coverage: on normal, high Tg, and halogen-free materials.
  2. Outstanding reliability performance
  3. Stable working bath; simple and safe process
  4. Easy to operate/analyze, and no long activating time
  5. Cost effective from less consumption, especially from Pd
Laminate Normal Tg Mid Tg High Tg Halogen Free
  S1141 IT158 TUC662 Polyclad 370HR S1000-2 NPG

Table 1: Excellent coverage on various laminates


Graph 1: Less Catalyst consumption contributes to cost effective