COPPER GLEAM™ ST-920 Acid Copper

COPPER GLEAM™ ST-920 Acid Copper is specifically formulated for use with copper anodes and direct current (DC) rectification. The product offers excellent through-hole throwing power combined with excellent conformal microvia plating. Formulated to operate over a broad range of operation conditions, the bath offers end users with excellent production flexibility in either panel or pattern plate operation.

Key Benefits:

  1. Excellent throwing power for through hole and microvias, surface distribution and leveling using standard equipment and cycle times.
  2. Capable to work on high current density and suitable for panels up to 2.4mm thick
  3. Strong suppression of copper plating nodules
  4. Excellent deposit reliability
  5. Easy to operate and control, all components can be analyzed by CVS

Product Performance Photo

Through hole Throwing power > 80% for 2.4mm panel @ 20ASF (AR=8:1)



Hole Knee

Hole Center

Microvia throwing power > 80-100% @ 20ASF Reliability by Solder Float Test
125 μm Ø x 60 μm BMV

288oC, 10sec -> RT 10sec per cycle (total 6 cycles)

Test Results
Hole Ø Holes crack Results
0.2mm 0 crack /6 holes Pass
0.25mm 0 crack /6 holes Pass
0.29mm 0 crack /6 holes Pass
0.35mm 0 crack /6 holes Pass
125 μm Ø x 100 μm BMV