Electroposit™ 1500 Acid Copper


Electroposit™ 1500 Acid Copper Plating Additive System is specifically designed for reliable through-hole plating of printed circuit boards and used to plate boards with thickness up to approximately 5mm at high rates with excellent surface distribution, leveling and throwing power. Depending on the board plating difficulty, the plating conditions can be adjusted to offer optimum performance.

Key Benefits:

  1. Exceptional through-hole and microvia throwing power, surface distribution and leveling.
  2. Capable to work on panels up to 5mm thick
  3. Excellent thermal reliability
  4. Easily analyzed and controlled by conventional CVS

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Electroposit™ 1500 Acid Copper For High Layer Count Through Hole Plating

Product Performance


Through hole Throwing power

> 80%
for 3.2mm panel (AR=12:1)

Through hole Throwing power

> 75%
for 4.8mm panel (AR=16:1)

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Image Component

Ø 150 μm BMV

Ø 125 μm BMV

Ø 100 μm BMV

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Reliability by Solder Float Test
288oC, 10sec -> RT 10sec per cycle (3 cycles per side, total 6 cycles)

 3.2 mmt, Ø 0.25mm 

4.8mmt, Ø 0.30mm

Blind via Depth 4 mil

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