Indiplate™ Indium


DuPont Electronic Solutions offers advanced Indium electroplating technologies to enhance the reliability of interconnections for connector parts


Indiplate Indium
Description: Indiplate™ is an acidic indium electroplating product designed to produce a uniform satin matte indium finish that has low friction, excellent electrical and thermal conductivity, low melting point and the capability of forming cold welding with many metals and alloys. The process can be applied for both low and high speed plating techniques.

Key features of the process:

  • Mixed acid system (pH ca.1.0)
  • Satin matte deposit (SEM image)
  • Good adhesion over copper and alloys
  • Good adhesion over pre-plated nickel when using the recommended strike solution (EDX mapping)
  • Suitable for rack or reel-to-reel selective plating
  • Possible to plate thin or thick layers


  • Press-fit connector finish: a regulation compliant, low whisker alternative for standard Sn and Sn-Pb press-fit finishes
  • Thermal Interface Material (TIM)
  • Low temperature solder (m.p.156.6 oC)
  • Metallic sealing (between non-solderable surfaces)