Microfill™ LVF 3 Acid Copper


Microfill™ LVF 3 Acid Copper is designed to offer exceptional blind microvia filling performance, and is specifically formulated for use with insoluble anodes and direct current (DC) rectification. Formulated to operate over a broad range of operating conditions, the bath offers end users with outstanding production flexibility in either panel or pattern plate operation.


  • Excellent blind microvia fill with lower copper surface thickness
  • Bright, highly ductile, leveled deposit
  • DC process with insoluble anodes for simple operation
  • Easily analyzed and controlled by conventional CVS
  • Designed for use in both pattern and panel plate applications
  • Tunable process for specific end user requirements

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Microfill™ THF Electrolytic Copper

CD 1.5 ASD


CD Ramp


Φ 90 µm


Φ 110 µm


Φ 130 µm

Dielectric thickness: 110 µm
Plating thickness: 12 µm