Nickel and Nickel Alloy Electroplating Products


DuPont Electronic Solutions offers advanced electrolytic nickel plating products for the Connector market to enhance corrosion resistance and inhibit tin whisker growth.


Nickel Gleam™ EP-M Phosphorus Nickel
Description: An electrolytic Nickel-Phosphorus plating product designed for barrel, rack, reel-to-reel and jet plating applications. It is a single additive system capable of producing deposits with phosphorus content of 11% or more.

Nikal™ MP200/ MP500 Nickel
Description: A high-speed electrolytic nickel that offers a semi-bright to bright finish with low porosity, good ductility, excellent wear resistance and high tolerance of metallic impurities.

Nikal™ PC 3 /Nikal™ PC 5 Nickel
Description: An electrolytic nickel plating product that can be applied for both low speed and high speed applications.The deposit is an excellent undercoating for various metal finishes.

NIKAL BF-100 Nickel
Description: An electrolytic nickel process utilising a boric acid free electrolyte exhibiting excelent throwing power. The nickel deposit has enhanced corrosion protection, resulting in 30% gold thickness reduction at the same corrosion performance.