Passive Devices

Nickel Electroplating Products for Passive Devices


DuPont Electronic Solutions offers advanced electrolytic nickel plating products for Passive Devices to enhance corrosion resistance.


Nikal™ PC-3 Nickel
Description: An electrolytic nickel plating product that can be applied for both low and high speed application. Numerous advantages for precision nickel plating in the electronic components are realized where low or controlled stress and ductility are important. Available in either Watts or Sulphamate Nickel formulations, the product is characterized by simplicity of operation and high tolerance to metallic impurities.

Nikal™ 6401 Nickel
Description: A weakly acidic or neutral pH nickel electrolytic plating product designed for barrel and rack plating, with low chemical attack on ceramic part of chip and minimal growth or over plate.