Nickel, Palladium, and Gold Electroplating Products for IC Leadframes


DuPont  Electronic Solutions offers advanced electrolytic nickel, palladium and gold products that are suitable for pre-plated frames application.


Nikal™ SC Nickel
Description: Nikal™ SC Electrolytic Nickel delivers matte to semi-bright ductile nickel deposits which provide an excellent barrier to copper diffusion.

Palladure™ 200 Palladium
Description: Palladure™ 200 Electrolytic Palladium is a high speed, mildly alkaline product that produces ductile and low porosity deposits that enhance wire bonding and solderability.

Auro Strike™ GP-3 (SEA) Gold Strike
Description: Auro Strike™ GP-3 (SEA) Gold Strike produces a pure gold deposit that enhances wire bonding and solderability performance over palladium.