Silver and Silver Alloy Electroplating Products for Connectors


DuPont Electronic Solutions offers innovative cyanide-free electrolytic silver products for the Connector market. These products can be used to reduce or replace gold plating.


Silveron™ GT-101 Silver
Description: Silveron GT-101 Bright Silver is a alkaline non-cyanide pure silver electroplating product designed to produce semi –bright to bright silver finishes for both low-speed and high-speed applications. It can operate up to 10ASD.

Silveron™ GT-820 Silver-Tin
Description: Silveron GT-820 Silver-Tin is an acidic non-cyanide silver-tin electroplating product designed to produce bright silver-tin alloy that contains 18-23% of tin exhibiting excellent hardness and ductility, superior corrosion resistance when applying a thin gold flash, suitable for severe corrosion conditions. The product can be used in conventional plating equipment at low speed or high speed operation.