Silveron™ GT-820 Cyanide-Free Silver Tin


Siveron™ GT-820 Silver-Tin is an acidic non-cyanide silver-tin electroplating product designed to deposit bright silver-tin alloy for electrical applications. The product can be used in conventional plating equipment at low speed and high speed. The silver-tin alloy can be applied to both nickel and copper or copper alloys. The electroplated silver-tin alloy contains 19-23 % of tin, the remaining fraction is silver.

  • Cyanide-free electrolyte
  • Replacement for Tin for whisker control on press fit connectors
  • Chemically stable solution without metallic additives
  • White, bright silver deposit over a broad CD range (0.5 - 15 ASD)
  • Cathode efficiency ca. 100 %
  • Excellent adhesion over copper or copper alloys
  • Plating over nickel requires a strike layer
  • Deposit composition: ca. 80% silver
  • Suitable for electrical/electronic applications
  • Excellent contact resistance and solderability