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Tinposit™ LT-34K Immersion Tin


Tinposit™ LT-34K Immersion Tin is a tin deposition product, which produces uniform, smooth tin deposits on copper and copper-based alloys by an immersion reaction.

Complete coverage of the substrate is achieved when the plating process begins. The deposition rate is fastest at the beginning of plating process and slows as the deposit thickness increases towards a limiting value.


  • Simple bath analysis and control.
  • Compatible with fine-pitch products.
  • High yield and high process throughput capacity.
  • Smooth deposit morphology.
  • No quasi-whiskers.
  • Wide operating temperature.
  • Good solderability.
  • Simple waste treatment.
  • Reduction of cost.
  • No use of APE surfactant.

Surface Morphology x5,000

Deposition speed