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DuPont Interconnect Solutions Launches Virtual Expo

October 26, 2021

DuPont Interconnect Solutions Launches Virtual Expo

Are you not yet able to travel and visit a tradeshow booth? Not a problem. Sign in to the latest  ICS Virtual Expo to explore how Interconnect Solutions is enabling reliable signal integrity, whether wired or wireless. From the Mars Rover to the most advanced smart devices, our solutions lead to sustainable, large-scale, world-changing discovery.

In this Virtual Expo, by exploring the applications section, you can learn how to use leading-edge technologies to address your industry’s toughest challenges, whether its consumer electronics, automotive, telecom, or aerospace. 


Here visitors to the ICS Virtual Expo can see how DuPont technology is found in applications that touch our daily lives.


In the products section, you can find the latest materials from Kapton® polyimide films, Pyralux® laminated circuit materials, Riston® dry film photoresist, metallization chemistries and newly added Laird Performance Materials that enable miniaturized devices and improve the functionality of electronic components while enhancing high reliability and productivity.

A view of the ICS Virtual Expo’s products page.

Join the on-line conference to learn the latest industry trend and how our total solutions solve technology challenges such as high-speed high frequency, fineline, high-performance and high-reliability, and EMI shielding and thermal management.

As you prepare to take on the next frontier of your industry, partner with DuPont. Let’s tackle tomorrow’s toughest challenges together.


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