Metallization for Printed Circuit Boards


High-reliability Metallization for Fine-pitch PCB Designs

DuPont has long been a market leader in high-performance, high-reliability metallization for demanding PCB applications. As shrinking design guidelines and more challenging operating environments make metallization performance critical to the success of multilayer boards, DuPont is prepared to provide materials that allow you to meet your design goals.

We offer a wide variety of options for interlayer metallization, via fill, and final finishes tailored to substrate type and end application. Our materials support your metallization process every step of the way in applications including:

  • IC substrates for advanced packages
  • Challenging multi-layer PCB designs
  • Flexible circuits with demanding configurations
  • Next-generation high-density interconnect (HDI)

Choose DuPont as your materials solutions partner to:

  • Enable even the most challenging PCB designs
  • Ensure compliance with RoHS and REACH regulations
  • Work with you to develop cost-effective metallization options that meet your needs
  • Both rigid and flexible PCBs contain multiple layers of interconnected metal lines. Trends toward device miniaturization and increased functionality are driving down line widths and spacings as well as via diameters. Metallization must be reliable and uniform regardless of surface topography.

  • Manufacturers of consumer electronics, automobiles, airplanes, 5G networks, and industrial equipment rely on high-density PCBs to keep their customers connected and safe. The metallization inside these PCBs has to be reliable no matter how fine the metal lines or how densely packed the design. Because of cost pressure, yields need to remain high. Choosing metallization products tailored to the type of substrate and the design density optimizes both yield and reliability.


Metallization Materials for PCBs


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