General Metal Finishing

Electroplating Solutions


DuPont’s electroplating technology in copper, nickel, chromium, and silver plating offers features such as improved metal distribution, lower stress, and cyanide-free electrolytes for multiple applications.

Copper Glo™
Alkali cyanide copper for rack or barrel  
Cupure™ Alkali cyanide free copper for rack or barrel
Copper Gleam RG-10 MSA based for high speed reel to reel applications
Copper Gleam DL-900   Bright decorative acid copper
Copper Gleam HGX Very high throw acid copper
Nickel Gleam EP-M Nickel phosphorous alloy (11%) for rack or high speed applications
Nikal PC           Low stress sulphate or sulphamate for barrel or rack applications
Spectra TGB Decorative highly levelled nickel for barrel applications
Spectra LBN-PP Bright highly levelled Nickel for rack applications
Nickel Gleam SB-200       Semi-Bright Nickel
Nickel Gleam BR-220 Bright Nickel
Chrome Gleam 3C Trivalent White Chromium
Chrome Gleam 3C Jet       Trivalent Dark Chromium
Silveron™ GT-101 Electrolytic Cyanide Free Silver
Silveron™ GT-210 High Durability Silver
Silveron™ GT-820 Cyanide Free Silver Tin
Silver GLO™ 3K Pure bright cyanide silver for rack or barrel
Silverjet™ 300 SD-T                High speed bright silver from low free cyanide electrolyte