General Metal Finishing

Copper, Nickel, Chrome


DuPont’s electroplating technology in copper, nickel and chromium plating offers features such as improved metal distribution, lower stress, and cyanide free electrolytes for multiple applications.




Copper Glo™

Alkali cyanide copper for rack or barrel


Alkali cyanide free copper for rack or barrel

Copper Gleam RG-10

MSA based for high speed reel to reel applications

Copper Gleam DL-900

Bright decorative acid copper

Copper Gleam HGX

Very high throw acid copper


Nickel Gleam EP-M

Nickel phosphorous alloy (11%) for rack or high speed applications

Nikal PC

Low stress sulphate or sulphamate for barrel or rack applications

Spectra TGB

Decorative highly levelled nickel for barrel applications

Spectra LBN-PP

Bright highly levelled Nickel for rack applications

Nickel Gleam SB-200

Semi-Bright Nickel

Nickel Gleam BR-220

Bright Nickel


Chrome Gleam 3C

Trivalent White Chromium

Chrome Gleam 3C Jet

Trivalent Dark Chromium