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Leadframe Finishes

Tailored Solutions for IC and LED Leadframe Finishes

DuPont offers customers many choices of metal finishes for leadframes depending on the demands of each application, including alloys tailored to customer requirements. We provide a total manufacturing solution as a service to customers developing new leadframe package types. Our portfolio of products includes:

  • Plating with many different metals to suit all types of leadframe packages
  • Materials compatible with various types of plating equipment
  • Surface treatments to enhance performance of metal finishes

Choose DuPont as your materials solutions partner to:

  • Improve leadframe package reliability
  • Enable cutting-edge custom package designs
  • Meet requirements for every end use case
  • Metal leadframes appear inside a variety of IC package types, including a quad flat package (QFP) and quad flat no-leads package (QFN). Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are also built in leadframe packages. Leadframes require a variety of finishes depending on the package design and end application.

  • Two applications are driving demand for high-performing IC leadframes. The automotive electronics industry is exploding, with an ever-increasing number of components per vehicle. High-end consumer electronics continue to push the envelope on package dimensions.

    A higher level of device integration is driving the development of unique package designs and a trend toward packages with a higher number of I/O, finer pitch, and smaller footprint. As package size shrinks, leadframes become more critical for component reliability, requiring more complex surface treatments.

    The silver-plated surface of LED leadframes requires a high-quality electrolytic finish to achieve the reliable wire bonding, sufficient brightness, and high reflectivity. This is especially important for high-output LEDs in residential, commercial, and street lighting and automobile headlights.

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