DuPont Smart Materials

Beauty with Invisible Functionality


It’s how the future collaborates

DuPont Smart Materials is a unique collaboration between DuPont Electronics and Imaging and DuPont Safety and Construction.  Leveraging DuPont’s innovative strength in both the electronics and the building and construction market, the Smart Materials business is focused on creatively integrating electronic functionality and traditional building materials, with a digital overlay, to provide value and information not previously accessible to building owners and operators. 

We uniquely leverage the surfaces in the built environment to create fully integrated materials that provide functionality and information in a beautiful, seamless way.  Our Smart Materials products enable building owners and operators to provide their customers with a customized experience, where the building is tailored to meet their needs in unique ways, enabling unprecedented human-building interaction.  Building owners and operators are also able to access data in places not previously possible as well as leverage the embedded nature of our materials to provide a seamless, beautiful built environment for the user.

DuPont Smart Conference Table

The Smart Conference Table from DuPont is a complete communications solution for collaborative spaces. Drawing inspiration from current insights across the fields of manufacturing, technology and design, it offers an all-in-one solution that adds style and reduces clutter within your space. Through seamless collaboration, it creates new opportunities for greater business outcomes.

The Smart Conference Table makes it easy to quickly adjust your setup, ensuring meetings start on time, every time. With its unparalleled focus on ease of use, you can connect to video conferences, place phone calls and hold teleconferences more efficiently, increasing meeting productivity in the process.

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Built-in design features:

  • Touch pad-integrated, wireless control system
  • Embedded LED lighting display for custom branding
  • Smart room controls for lighting, shade and volume
  • Retractable HDMI and USB power supply cables

Connectivity that’s simple:

  • Wireless Qi charging for smartphones
  • Individual MEMS audio pickups for superior call clarity
  • Inductive speakers for higher sound quality

Powerful and sleek, it has the built-in tools you need to effectively share your ideas: ready when you need them, hidden when you don’t. The Corian® top is sleek and durable, able to withstand the wear of regular use. Take this professional look even further by displaying your company’s logo with embedded custom branding.

Its modular design makes moving to another room a simple process, bringing music, entertainment and collaboration anywhere you choose. The variety of technological features inside the Smart Conference Table replace the messy details that delay progress and breakdown communication between coworkers. No tangled wires or struggling to be heard on a call—just intuitive design that supports your business.