Flexible Displays


Flexible Displays

Putting the “Flexible” in Flexible Displays

DuPont has been producing polyimide (PI) film and liquid for more than 50 years, predominantly for the electronics market. Our films have been used in countless demanding applications over the years, and our liquid counterpart technology was originally developed to make high purity, very low-particle PI solutions for semiconductor applications.

Today, we have expanded these capabilities to flexible display applications for both amber and colorless PI liquid. We are also developing hard coat materials, impact protecting elastomeric materials, and clear and amber PI films.

As the mobile device market has shifted toward bigger screens with better portability, smartphones, wearables and other devices have incorporated such design innovations as full-screen displays with no borders or bezels. New materials are essential to accommodate these design requirements, and to ensure displays move to the next level of flexibility – true foldable and rollable devices.

We’re ahead of the curve

Polyimide is the most important material for flexible displays, and ours is the strongest on the market. These materials are used in a range of flexible display components, including cover windows, touch screen panels, LCD and OLED substrates. Our liquid PI and films have excellent optical, thermal and mechanical properties, and maintain high optical transmittance and low haze even after 1 million bending cycles.

No matter where you are in the world, you can take advantage of DuPont’s regional resources to help you advance development of your flexible display products. We look forward to working with you!

Our product offerings

  • Liquid PI clear & amber: DuPont™ KapFlo™ polyamic acid 
  • Kapton® clear PI films
  • Hardcoat
  • Elastomeric materials
  • Flexible displays are made using flexible materials instead of traditional rigid glasses to accommodate a variety of flexible form factors – they can be curved, bended, folded or rolled.


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