Functional Surface Coatings


Functional Surface Coatings


Designed to keep you connected, updated and entertained, handheld consumer electronics are often in pocket, purse or hand. With the ubiquity of touch-screens on today's devices, the industry is seeking easy-to-apply coating technologies that offer unique aesthetics and make touch-screen displays more durable and easier to clean. Innovative functional surface solutions from DuPont provide unique and effective options for touch-screen designers and manufacturers. Applied either with conventional physical vapor deposition, liquid spray-on, or dip equipment, our portfolio of solutions offer broad manufacturing flexibility to help optimize productivity, differentiate products and gain a competitive advantage.

Many of our clear, silane-based functional surface coatings are applied as low viscosity liquids that covalently bond to the surface of glass and select plastic or metal oxide surfaces. After cure, they form a transparent durable thin film that provides excellent resistance to water, oil, stains and abrasion. The low surface energy of our functional coatings means reduced friction, making the coated substrate very easy to clean.


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