Leadframe Finishes Packages

DuPont offers customers complete process solutions for IC leadframe package components. Our portfolio of products includes:

  • High speed selective silver plating
  • Leadframe treatments for enhanced EMC adhesion
  • Whisker mitigated pure tin processes


Choose DuPont as your materials solutions partner to:

  • Improve leadframe package reliability
  • Integrate the latest adhesion and imaging solutions 
  • Meet requirements for every end use case
  • An etched or stamped metal frame (LEADFRAME) to support the die/chip and allow interconnection by wire bonding the chip to the leadframe. Encapsulation by epoxy resin creates the IC package.

  • New electronic architecture in vehicles brings increased reliability requirements for electronic components. For IC Packages that means improved adhesion between the leadframe and any metal deposits and the EMC, as well as a holistic, total process approach to package reliability. DuPont offers full process solutions for both leadframe and IC Package treatment.


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