Spin-on Dielectrics


Spin-on Dielectrics

High Planarization for Multilevel Metal ICs

Spin-on dielectric materials are used to optimize planarization of inter-level dielectrics in multilevel metal integrated circuit (IC) designs. They can be used to significantly improve topside planarity when applied prior to the final passivation step.

The materials DuPont offers in this area deliver low-dielectric constant (low-K) with no carbon. Our flowable oxide (FOx) materials melt and flow to provide good gapfill and planarity in a single-coat application with 1.2-micron crack-free film thickness and low moisture uptake.

These materials deliver a number of key benefits: high planarization reduces process complexity and cost; low moisture uptake enables ease of integration; and low dielectric constant reduces parasitic delay within metal layers.

Product offerings

  • FOx-14
  • FOx-15
  • FOx-16
  • FOx-24
  • FOx-25

To ensure your multilevel metal ICs achieve optimal planarity for the best manufacturability, choose DuPont as your materials partner.

  • Spin-on dielectrics comprise flowable oxide materials that are applied via spin-coating to optimize uniformity on complex semiconductor geometries.


Silicone-based Deposition and Spin-on Dielectric (glass) Materials

  • Spin-on dielectrics

    Spin-on dielectric materials to make multilevel metal ICs more planar, reducing process complexity and cost.

  • Si Precursors

    Silicon precursors are high-purity gas or liquid materials used in key steps during the manufacture of semiconductor devices.


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