Optically Clear Resin (OCR) - Vertak®


Optical Bonding Adhesive Enhances Display Performance

Vertak® optical bonding adhesives enable cost effective bonded displays that provide superior results, even under the most extreme conditions.

DuPont™ Vertak® optical bonding adhesives, combined with customers’ lamination process, result in the optical bond of anti-reflective glass, plastic or touch sensor directly to the front of an LCD display. Vertak® Reworkable Adhesives bonding technology enhances display performance by improving sunlight readability up to 400% and impact and scratch resistance up to 300%. It is ideal for use in consumer and industrial applications requiring outdoor viewability and the durability to withstand impact, vibration, extreme temperatures, altitudes and dust.

Manufacturing site in Towanda, PA USA

  • 680,000 Square foot manufacturing site with 550+ employees
  • Specialized photopolymer and polymer systems as well as fine particle dispersions
  • Responsible for the manufacture of Vertak™ adhesives products
  • Site ISO 9001/14001 certified site and R&D laboratories running 24/7 

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