Interra™ HK 04J Planar Capacitor Laminate

DuPont™ Interra™ embedded planar capacitor laminate is used to make thinner, more efficient power and ground planes within a multilayer printed wiring board.

It provides very low impedance at high frequency, power bus decoupling, and electromagnetic interference reduction. Interra™ HK 04J saves PWB cost by replacing SMT by-pass capacitors, their PTHs and associated costs.

Interra™ HK 04J is a rugged polyimide dielectric laminate that can be processed like thin flexible circuit laminate through the develop/etch/strip process steps. The HK 04J dielectric is flexible and can be imaged and etched to remove copper on both sides of the dielectric at the same time. HK 04J provides high reliability through PWB processing and in extreme PWB conditions (eg. the Mars Rover).

Features & Benefits

• Cost reduction by reducing surface mount capacitors, PTHs, and their cost
• Reduced inductance for efficient low noise power delivery
• Reduced board size and layer count
• Improved Routing options
• Improved PWB reliability and toughness
• High processing yield


• High speed multilayer printed wiring boards
• Servers, routers, telecom
• Backpanels
• Miltary and Aerospace PWBs
• GPUs
• PWB's with >4 SMT By-Pass Caps per square inch

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