LED Materials

LED Silicone Materials


LED Silicone Materials

Leading Silicone Solutions for LED Packaging

More light, with lower total cost of ownership – it’s the ultimate goal of the LED backlighting and LED lighting markets. And, it’s why DuPont silicones lead the way in LED packaging.

Long known for its technology innovation, DuPont brings unique capabilities and expertise to LED packaging, delivering silicone-based technologies and solutions for the lighting value chain.

We help improve performance and durability of LEDs with solutions that overcome high heat and light environment, protect against stress and transmit more light at every level— optical encapsulants, reflective materials and die attach materials.

Backed by DuPont’s expertise, support, and strong intellectual property (IP) in advanced optical materials, these cutting-edge materials will enable LED packaging manufacturers to improve the performance, reliability and cost of ownership for next-generation LED lighting designs.

Our LED Packaging Portfolio

  • Optical Encapsulants
    • Whether the goal is to optimize LED efficiency, reliability or cost of ownership, DuPont’s industry-leading portfolio of high-performance optical-quality silicone encapsulants offers a full range of solutions for LED packaging.
  • Optically Reflective Silicone Materials
    • Unlike conventional organic materials, our reflective silicones will not physically or optically degrade after prolonged exposure to high lumen density or temperatures reaching 200°C. This enables excellent lumen maintenance over an LED’s expected lifetime.
  • Die Attach
    • Silicone-based adhesives offer excellent photo and thermal stability characteristics, with high adhesion strength over a wide range of temperatures. Our transparent LED die attach solutions will help you meet the needs of ever-demanding LED packages
  • Silicone-based LED packaging materials are used as optical encapsulants and lenses for many high-brightness LED (HB LED) devices. Also included in this category are a variety of silicone-based die attach adhesives and optically reflective materials.

LED Silicone Materials

  • Optical Encapsulants for LED

    Optical Encapsulants for LED

    Our portfolio of optical encapsulants expands design freedoms ideal for a variety of middle and high-power LED package types.

  • Optical White Reflector Materials

    Optical White Reflector Materials

    Our reflective silicones will not physically or optically degrade after prolonged exposure to high lumen density or temperatures.

  • Die Attach Adhesives

    Die Attach Adhesives

    Ordinary die-attach adhesives suit ordinary chip applications. But when a chip design must deliver reliable performance in extreme temperatures, high moisture, or stressful environments look to DuPont Electronics & Imaging for extraordinary solutions.