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Ensuring Reliable Connections for All Passive Devices

DuPont brings decades of experience in plating and surface finishing to offer a total solution that is compatible with the latest generation of plating equipment and passive devices. When combined with expertise in thick film conductors and resistors from our Advanced Materials division, we offer all the materials needed to make reliable passive components.

We provide electronic-grade electrolytic nickel, matte tin, and electrolytic copper plating products that provide stable deposit compositions, with exceptional thermal resistance, adhesion and solderability. Our post-treatment materials ensure that metal plating will remain functional throughout device storage and manufacturing.

Choose DuPont as your materials solutions partner to:

  • Meet demanding surface finish reliability requirements
  • Enhance the assembly yield of the smallest passive devices
  • Work with you to provide a complete solution
  • Passive devices—resistors, capacitors, inductors, and diodes—serve a necessary role in electronic circuits. In the context of electronic components, passive devices are small discrete chips rather than thin-film structures integrated directly into substrates. These chips are common as discrete components in system-in-package (SiP) configurations, where they are proliferating for a wide range of applications.

  • Dimensions of passive devices continue to decrease below 1mm so that more functionality can be packed into a smaller space. Smartphones, an application where size is critical, contain hundreds of discrete passive devices. Automotive electronics use somewhat larger chips but have much more stringent reliability requirements.

    Changes in the dimensions of passive devices and the materials from which they are made affects component handling and surface finish requirements. Metal plating must be compatible with the components and resistant to chemical attack.

Passive Devices

  • Copper Electroplating Products for Passive Devices
  • Nickel Electroplating Products for Passive Devices
  • Tin and Tin-Alloy Electroplating Products for Passive Devices

Copper Electroplating Products for Passive Devices

A range of electrolytic copper plating products designed for plating of passive devices

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Nickel Electroplating Products for Passive Devices

Advanced electrolytic nickel plating products for Passive Devices that enhance corrosion resistance

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Tin and Tin-Alloy Electroplating Products for Passive Devices

Leading electrolytic tin products that meet the needs of passive devices

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Solderon™ SN-2680 Neutral pH Tin

Providing a pure tin deposit with excellent solderability for Passive Devices