Solutions for High Speed High Frequency


Solutions for high-speed high-frequency systems

AI, Autonomous driving, 5G, IoT and smart connectivity have increased the need for high data transfer rates and greater bandwidth which requires a multigenerational connectivity network over the next few decades. The ubiquitous demand for data and connectivity has created needs for materials with unique properties to deliver high performance in this expanding ecosystem.

These megatrends are driving packaging and interconnect designers towards densification (interconnects/area) which not only operate at faster speeds but also need to dissipate more heat. Designers faced with new demands arising from frequencies 100 Gigahertz and beyond are constrained by miniaturization, shorter development cycle times and need for cost effective solutions. Thus, within the realm of semiconductor and PCB industries, critical areas requiring new material innovations include high speed digital, high frequency applications, thermal management, shielding needs and power optimization.

To meet these challenges, DuPont offers a wide range of customizable solutions including low loss dielectric resins and laminates, conductor metallurgies, ceramics, materials for heat dissipation and power optimization. Our technologies and materials have a long history of delivering reliability and performance to military and aerospace applications, and several new innovations are being launched to meet the emerging material needs in this connected ecosystem.

Our solutions for high speed and high frequency systems are widely used in applications for radar, telecommunications, satellite technology, consumer, medical and a host of others where a high level of reliability, efficiency and performance are critical.


Flexible materials for 5G

High-frequency, 5G radio-wave communication will augment today’s 4G networks and enable faster data downloads for end users along with quick response times for autonomous systems. The 5G network poses constraints on existing hardware that reach beyond the need to transmit large packets of data at high speeds. The multi-GHz transmission frequency of 5G limits the effective wireless transmission distance to a few thousand feet. This limitation, coupled with increased attenuation from walls, trees, and other obstacles, requires many individual antennas and small cells to provide effective, reliable coverage. Some of these new devices may be embedded in homes, streetlights, or cars, where space is at a premium and form factors and reliability impose stringent design restrictions.

As the communications infrastructure transitions from 4G to 5G networks, the materials in the associated hardware need to adapt to enable efficient, high-frequency, high-speed data transmission. Low loss dielectric materials are critical for optimal performance of these systems.

Flexible dielectric substrate materials have brought advanced electronic circuits into products ranging from smartphones to medical devices. The ability of flex circuits to accommodate tight bending radii and eliminate the need for cables and connectors gives designers greater flexibility and enables products that would not otherwise be possible.


Our solutions: Pyralux®, Kapton®, Interra® and Temprion™ portfolio

Our Pyralux® and Kapton® products have a proud legacy of performance and reliability.  For decades, we have worked as design partners in developing reliable solutions for the most advanced technologies in military and aerospace.

Our products provide superior, consistent performance even under the harshest conditions.

We are proud to extend this unrivalled performance to enable emerging 5G, AI, autonomous driving and digital transformation megatrends.

Our dielectrics offer best in class performance with tunable parameters to meet application needs. Our low loss dielectric solutions deliver significant improvement in signal integrity and substantial skew mitigation compared to high performance flex and rigid board materials. Our products feature high copper adhesion strengths and tight thickness tolerances which offer significant processing advantages that translate into high yields and long-standing performance.

In addition, our solutions impart c-SWAP benefits from our world class flexible copper clad laminate solutions by enabling:

  • Smaller form factors and high density (Interconnect/area)

  • 3D customization and packaging

  • High interconnect reliability and flexibility (dynamic flex for 10,000s of cycles and tight bend radii)

  • Low CTE (<20 ppm) for rigid flex multilayers

  • Lower weight due to thinner dielectric

  • Optimized Copper which also renders low thermal impedance

Our low loss dielectric portfolio including bondply, single and double sided copper clad laminates and adhesives lend themselves for a total laminate solution.

Low Loss Dilectrics

Embedded Capacitance

Thermal Management


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