Die Encapsulants

As electronics are used in increasingly harsh environments, it’s more critical than ever to protect sensitive components against thermal and mechanical stress.

Dow’s high-performing silicone die encapsulants help protect high-value microelectronics in demanding automotive, communications, and consumer electronics applications. Formulated to flow evenly, quickly and without leaving air gaps around complex chip architectures, these high-purity materials deliver low ionic content, as well as low moisture to protect against corrosion of copper or aluminum contacts.

Our line of silicone die encapsulants exhibits minimal shrinkage during processing to reduce component stress versus organic materials. After cure, their low modulus further protects delicate wires against mechanical stress caused by thermal expansion. Compatible with commonly used dispensing, printing and liquid injection molding techniques, DOW CORNING™ die encapsulants maintain reliable performance even at the high reflow temperatures required for lead-free processing.