Semiconductor Assembly Materials


Production-proven Solutions for Assembly

By working in collaboration with leading-edge packaging and assembly houses, DuPont Electronics & Industrial sets the bar for excellence. Our materials are developed based on the latest requirements and are proven in high-volume manufacturing. New formulations are developed rapidly and tested against the most stringent requirements with our customers. Decades of experience has made us market leaders in silicones, dielectrics, and permanent bonding materials.

Choose DuPont as your materials solutions partner to:

  • Get a complete solution, not just materials
  • Tap into years of expertise and technology from across Electronics & Industrial
  • Benefit from development that stays ahead of the  industry trends
  • Semiconductor assembly materials are the class of materials used during the electronics package assembly processes to manage heat, insulate, bond, and encapsulate. They make our mobile devices smarter and more reliable, network connections faster, and the IoT possible.

  • Semiconductor assembly materials provide the foundation for today's heterogeneous integration technologies by serving a variety of functions. They enable permanent bonding processes for 2.5D and 3D integrated package architectures and provide the interconnect capabilities and protection for integrating MEMS, sensors, ICs into system-in-package (SiP) configurations. These materials must be designed to:

    • protect against mechanical and thermal stress
    • improve thermal management
    • increase device reliability
    • prevent high frequency signal transmission loss

Semiconductor Assembly Materials

  • Thermal Interface Materials

    Our thermally conductive silicones are designed to handle the heat dissipation of today’s advanced electronic devices.

  • Lid Seal Adhesives

    DuPont’s portfolio of silicone-based lid-seal adhesives are designed to handle the high functionality of today’s advanced packaging processes, delivering the performance needed for today’s high-performance computing, mobile and automotive electronic applications.

  • Die Attach Adhesives

    Ordinary die-attach adhesives suit ordinary chip applications. But when a chip design must deliver reliable performance in extreme temperatures, high moisture, or stressful environments look to DuPont Electronics & Imaging for extraordinary solutions.

  • Die Encapsulants

    Our silicone die encapsulants maintain reliable performance even at the high reflow temperatures required for lead-free solder processing or stringent thermal stress-reliability testing conditions.

  • Permanent Bonding Dielectrics

    Photo-patternable dielectrics and non-photo-patternable adhesives make possible chip-to-wafer and wafer-to-wafer stacking for heterogeneous integration.


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