Lid Seal Adhesives


Low Stress, Highly-reliable Sealants for High-Performance Devices

DuPont Electronics & Industrial portfolio of silicone lid-seal adhesives are designed to manage the highly stressful operating environments of today’s advanced semiconductor devices, resulting in more reliable, long-term device performance critical in today's high-performance computing, mobile and automotive electronics applications.

Available with various modulus and curing conditions to improve productivity and meet a wide range of customer needs.

Lid Seal features:

  • Low voiding for more reliable heat transfer
  • Thixotropic for easy dispensing
  • Low modulus ensures outstanding stress relief
  • Fast or snap cure for shortened processing time, resulting in increased productivity
  • High performance sealant for protecting sensitive components against moisture and contamination
  • Strong adhesion to commonly-used microelectronics substrates
  • Lid seal adhesives are used to protect sensitive components against moisture and contamination. Today’s high functioning advanced packaging requires higher processing and operating temperatures that can damage sensitive electronic products. Lid seal adhesives can complement thermal interface materials (TIMs) to provide an effective stress-relief solution for managing the heat of high-performance devices through the heat spreader.

  • Our high-purity lid seal adhesives meet the demanding criteria of today’s semiconductor packaging and assembly technologies. They provide excellent primer-less adhesion to a wide variety of substrate materials and perform reliably at high temperature, fast curing processing. They also perform well in stringent reliability tests, such as temperature cycling or other moisture sensitivity level testing applications.


Semiconductor Assembly Materials

  • Lid Seal Adhesives

    DuPont’s portfolio of silicone-based lid-seal adhesives are designed to handle the high functionality of today’s advanced packaging processes, delivering the performance needed for today’s high-performance computing, mobile and automotive electronic applications.

  • Thermal Interface Materials

    Our thermally conductive silicones are designed to handle the heat dissipation of today’s advanced electronic devices.

  • Die Attach Adhesives

    Ordinary die-attach adhesives suit ordinary chip applications. But when a chip design must deliver reliable performance in extreme temperatures, high moisture, or stressful environments look to DuPont Electronics & Industrial for extraordinary solutions.

  • Die Encapsulants

    Our silicone die encapsulants maintain reliable performance even at the high reflow temperatures required for lead-free solder processing or stringent thermal stress-reliability testing conditions.

  • Permanent Bonding Dielectrics

    Photo-patternable dielectrics and non-photo-patternable adhesives make possible chip-to-wafer and wafer-to-wafer stacking for heterogeneous integration.


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