Thermal Interface Materials


Thermally Conductive Silicones Designed for Advanced Packaging

DuPont Electronics & Industrial's thermally-conductive silicones are designed to withstand the heat of today’s high-functioning electronics, delivering powerful adhesive, sealing and stress mitigation capabilities for applications in semiconductor packaging, communications, consumer devices, power electronics and automotive markets. Our broad portfolio includes adhesives and gels formulated for both room-temperature and heat-cure processing. With so much function and performance crammed into today’s mobile and high-end computing devices, managing heat is more critical than ever. DuPont’s thermally conductive silicones achieve high thermal conductivity even at extreme operating conditions where other organic materials often degrade.

To expand design and manufacturing flexibility, our adhesives conform to a variety of surfaces, reducing interfacial resistance and achieving uniform bond line thickness. Excellent stress relief with strong adhesive characteristics of silicone-based materials minimize warpage and ensure reliable bonding of sensitive devices.

Our thermally-conductive silicone gels keep sensitive electronic components clean and cool. The low modulus provides stress relief from extreme thermal and mechanical stresses.

  • Thermal interface materials (TIMs) are materials used to dissipate and improve the transfer of heat out of electronics devices. Generally, they are placed between the heat-generating chip and/or component and the heat spreading substrate or dissipating device.


Semiconductor Assembly Materials

  • Thermal Interface Materials

    Our thermally conductive silicones are designed to handle the heat dissipation of today’s advanced electronic devices.

  • Lid Seal Adhesives

    DuPont’s portfolio of silicone-based lid-seal adhesives are designed to handle the high functionality of today’s advanced packaging processes, delivering the performance needed for today’s high-performance computing, mobile and automotive electronic applications.

  • Die Attach Adhesives

    Ordinary die-attach adhesives suit ordinary chip applications. But when a chip design must deliver reliable performance in extreme temperatures, high moisture, or stressful environments look to DuPont Electronics & Industrial for extraordinary solutions.

  • Die Encapsulants

    Our silicone die encapsulants maintain reliable performance even at the high reflow temperatures required for lead-free solder processing or stringent thermal stress-reliability testing conditions.

  • Permanent Bonding Dielectrics

    Photo-patternable dielectrics and non-photo-patternable adhesives make possible chip-to-wafer and wafer-to-wafer stacking for heterogeneous integration.


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